Saturday, 12 November 2011

Enrichment Activity in the Malaysia Mathematics Classroom

Enrichment activity is a learning activity which is interesting, challenging and provide opportunities for students to develop and support curious properties, self-reliance, critical and creativity thinking skills. This activity usually carried out after the student master the basic skills to enriching their mathematical skills. Normally, the task given is more challenging and out of ordinary thinking in the class. Usually in normal Malaysian classroom, only first or second class from a batch are given the opportunities to carried out this activity with such difficulties, it is impossible for lower proficiency pupils to do the activity. Plus, teacher normally don't have enough time to carried out this activity in lower proficiency classroom as they (the pupil) need a lot of explanation and time to understand the question and how to do the enrichment activity.

The purposes of enrichment activity are to apply basic mathematical skills to solve problems whether it is so complex or extremely challenging. Its also help to nurture pupil interest to learn mathematics as when they manage to solve such a complex and challenging task, they are motivated eagerly to do the next one as they have applied the basic skill that they have master previously. So we can say that this activity also help pupils to strengthen the concepts and skills that the pupils have learn and also promoting self reliance.

In Malaysia, enrichment activity usually conducted by the teacher, the teacher select the material, the teacher choose the time, its all manage by the teacher. But it supposed to be the teacher and the pupils task to conduct and manage the enrichment activity. Teacher supposedly help pupils to do self-learning whether it is individual or group activity. Help student links the enrichment activity with the mathematical skills they have learned. Furthermore, teacher can help pupils by help them reinforce their mathematical skills and broaden their knowledge about mathematics. For pupils, they need to give a full cooperation with the teacher. They also need to help teacher allocate suitable time to make sure that the enrichment activity can be done effectively without any other disturbance.

Enrichment activities can be done in so many form. Either any teacher have ever think about it or not. Normally Malaysia teacher use worksheet to do this activity. It is so easy just using worksheet. The teacher just need to design, build and create the enrichment activity on the computer and print it out or just download it somewhere on the internet and just press the print button. Actually, enrichment activity can be done in the form of math games, puzzle, project, competition and experiments.

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