Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Money Machine

Everybody is a money machine. But how fast you make your money is different from each other. Some is fast, some other is more super fast. Making money like Ryan Seacrest yaw!

If you are a student, home tutoring is the best way! You can make lot and lot of money. Publish your offer on the internet. Use your networking. Facebook. Twitter. Thats all your equipment of marketing. Once you've got your first customer, hold it tight. Tackle them with careful. Then they will spread the good of you to others. Trust me. Its work. Its really work. Just need to be a sweet talker. Very sweet.

Next, document all sort of things that you think is important such as your student schedule, payment slip, cheque and etc. It is important because some parent are too details. So you can prove anything if they said you were wrong.

Once everything is set up, just run your home tutoring and start your money machine! You are still young so why you waste your time by sleeping and faceboking??

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shoe | Kasut

This is what I called self-reward. Its been two month I started my new semester and it was so hectic. I couldn't stand it anymore. So for my what I called it self-reward, I bought myself a shoe. Converse Jack Purcell Leather OX. Same like the picture above but just the colour is different. Mine is cement not white as above. Mood: Happy!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Numismatik atau numismatic merupakan satu bidang atau lapangan yang berkaitan dengan wang kertas atau wang fiat termasuk syiling yang digunakan secara sah pada satu-satu tempat. Numismatic kebiasaannya dikaitkan dengan hobi mengumpul wang-wang kertas atau syiling mengikut tempat (negara), zaman (tahun), tandatangan (signature) mahupun tema. Hobi numismatic ini bukan sahaja merangkumi pengumpulan wang secara teratur malah meliputi pengumpulan wang-wang dan siling-syiling aneh seperti wang kertas yang mempunyai kesilapan cetakan atau syiling yang mengalami kecacatan tempaan.

Wang kertas negara Brunei Darussalam sering menjadi buruan kerana nilai permukaannya (face value) yang amat tinggi.