Monday, 13 June 2011

Photoblog Jakarta 2011

This is my first visit to Jakarta since my friend (who work here) insist me to visit him. So, I've been traveling there last March for over just three days. Basically they are a huge different between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur but the most huge different thing is Jakarta is the triple size bigger than Kuala Lumpur. You tell me if I'm wrong OKKAYYHH. So, enough saying as people always said, a picture worth than a thousand words so I decide to remain silence and just upload tones of pictures with a little few caption at the bottom.

Ok, don't ask me why do I have to 'sephia'-ing that picture . . still fighting with my oily skin problem. This picture was my first camwhoring session since it is like ages to get through the Indonesian custom and you know , , , , I'm so starving like hell.

Ok, for diner I don't feel like eating because . . . . . I'm not used with their food and it taste is like so-not-my-taste. lol This is Teh Es Sosro. The drink is like the most popular and the most consumed by Indonesian for this century. I'm not gonna drink it because my friend said it was so tawar and payau. So I had this . .
A nice cute rare kind of bottle I get. We checked-in into our hotel. We supposed to check-in at Mercure Hotel but then something happen. Well you know . . I don't want to talk about it. We choose a hotel near to China Town for only 300,000 rupiah for 3 days and 2 night. The Accommodation here is not a problem since they got like a full range of hotel down here in Jakarta.
China Town in the morning.My breakfast at one of the stall at China Town. Ok, dah tak nak makan lagi dah kat situ. So gross . . . hahaa. I'm having maggi goreng (which is Mee Sedap) with begedil.

My first tourist stop, Museum Nasional Indonesia. This huge building is containing a huge collection of Indonesian heritage from pre-histories ages up until now.

My second tourist stop, Monumen Nasional (MONAS). This is like the center of the tourism activities in Jakarta. You can go up there and see the view of Jakarta city because they got this one level for viewing. Ok, since I got there on Saturday which is a public holiday, the going up ticket que is so long. So, we decide to not wasting time queuing up.